Our Products

Analytic Diagnostic

Analytic Diagnostic is a four-step process that provides a comprehensive assessment of your company’s analytic data, skills, reporting and operating model. CX-Analytics focuses on the key business problems that need to be solved, and delivers both the business and technical methodologies to resolve these key issues.

Analytic Domain Services

CX-Analytics provides expert design and implementation of a consolidated analytic data warehouse, providing the foundation for a “single version of the truth” in your business user analysis.

Account Level Profit

Account Level Profit is a profitability management system for consumer lender, commercial lending and card portfolios, empowering business managers with active intelligence for optimization of financial account portfolios.

Forecasting Models


CX-Analytics provides a profitability forecasting system for card and lending portfolios, delivering accurate forecasting of performance of new accounts and future campaigns.

Management Analytics for Collections

A comprehensive reporting and analysis software system for financial account collections, powered by SAS, giving business the visibility to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness throughout the collections process.

Consulting Services


CX-Analytics’ hands-on, executive level experience in all facets of the financial services business model makes us the right choice to progress your analytic capability.

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