Analytic Diagnostic


Comprehensive assessment of business needs for MIS


Analytic Diagnostic is a four-step process that provides a comprehensive assessment of your analytic data, skills, reporting and operating model. We will focus on the key business problems that need to be solved, and deliver both the business and technical methodologies to resolve these key issues.

Inventory > Assessment > Action Plan > Business Case


Features & Benefits

Essential Questions Addressed
Before initiating MIS project or solution, essential business problems that need to be solved are determined. Next, business and technical questions are developed based off detailed documentation of the client’s environment, including technical resources, existing costs and existing technical environment.

Customized Plan
A plan will be developed based off the initial inventory and assessment. A detailed list of specific project deliverables is compiled which will meet requirements addressing data, tools, processes and infrastructure. The project plan is aligned with the client’s key business priorities and is tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Business Case for Proposed Solution
The last phase of the Diagnostic creates a business case for the client. Costs are complied in a highly detailed, granular format. Benefits are summarized into quantifiable P&L cost or revenue opportunities and into non-quantifiable, process-related items. A complete setup of documentation for the Diagnostic Project is delivered.

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