Analytic Domain Services


Expert design and implementation of analytic data warehouse and business user tools


Competing with analytics mandates a sound Analytic Data Domain, including: data, analysis tools, models, structured business processes and qualified staff. With CX-Analytic Domain Services we provide an expert design and implementation of a consolidated analytic data warehouse, providing the foundation for a “single version of the truth” in your business user analysis.

  • Design analytic capabilities to meet business objectives
  • Source, compile and document data
  • Install and configure reporting and analytic tools
  • Design analytic competency center and organization
  • Setup ongoing operational processes


Features & Benefits

Comprehensive Data
Most MIS environments are incomplete with no documentation, incomplete content, unstructured data and without linked sources. CX-Analytic Domain services delivers comprehensive and structured data.



End-to-end Business Processes
Unlike traditional Business Intelligence vendors, our methodology is designed to deliver an ongoing analytic capability, not just an unconfigured software tool or set of reports.

Standardized Business Terms
CX-Analytics consults with your organization to agree on standard business-level definitions for all key metrics used. We then create specific and precise technical definitions so results are consistent at the portfolio and account level.


Regulatory Compliance
CX-Analytics Analytic Domain Services ensure regulatory compliance based on reconciliation of key data to the financial general ledger.

Data Management Platform
Analytic Domain Services are based on proven architecture. When combined with CX-Account Level Profit and the Management Anayltics applications, CX-Analytics delivers full analytic competency.



Training and Documentation
CX-Analytics provides training and detailed documentation to ensure business users are equipped with the right knowledge and tools.

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