Management Analytics for Collections


End-to-end analytic reporting package for functional operations


CX-Management Analytics for Collections is a comprehensive reporting and analysis software system for financial account collections. The full collections process is captured, from the initial routing out of the billing system all the way through to recovery operations delivering complete business intelligence:

  • 30+ Standard reports tracking exceptions, strategy and agents
  • 1000+ performance measures and dimensions
  • Comprehensive collections data warehouse
  • End-to-end view of every activity and every result on all accounts
  • Collections executive dashboard


Features & Benefits

Reduce Unproductive Agent Time
Reduce unproductive agent time by capturing agent-level transactions and tracking how each individual agent spends every minute of paid time. Halt agents “gaming” the system by identifying agent behaviors which skew performance results.


Improve Performance
Interactive analysis and reporting quickly and quantitatively diagnoses the root causes of changes in collection results including variations due to intensity of activity, effectiveness of activity, and portfolio composition and quality.

Eliminate Ineffective Activities
Eliminate ineffective collections activities by tracking all call attempt records and link to individual account results, enabling analysis of call success rates and development of call strategies to ensure dialer strategies are optimal.


Optimize Strategies
Improve financial results and reduce operational costs through more robust account segmentation based on time-series, transaction-level data. Build strategies for repeat offenders, self-cure accounts, and non-contact accounts.

Experty Advisory and Analytics
Ongoing services include changes to the data warehouse, reports and BI tools as well as creation of new reports. Full support of the software, data warehouse maintenance and performance tuning is available.



Reports and Data Exploration
Over 30 standard, automated reports support all levels of management. Their robust capability includes any level of granularity at the agent, account and transaction levels.

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