Frederik Vernede

Keith was a Booz client and I personally knew him for over 3 years. He spent 2 months on the initial set-up of the ABN AMRO deal with him.¬ ¬ Keith was very professional and added a great deal of value. He built a solid trust with the CEO and it was evident that the CEO valued Keith‚Äôs input on the businessKeith brought out a strong performance as a manager, showcasing deep knowledge and experience in the industryThe CX-Analytics product he presented is clear and very effective. See, non-efficient data management systems are a core issue in the industry, so it‚Äôs clear that we need better data management. We opted for CX-Analytics to better conduct analysis and create a specific portfolio that could help lead to greater profits. The product was indeed able to effectively address that issue and makes reconciliation easy with the P&L. There is no doubt that for credit card companies¬†to monitor account performance, CX Analytics’ ALP is a necessary tool to have.