Marc O’Brien

Keith played a critical role in creating change in two particular areas: first is that he recognized, ahead of the curve, the credit card industry’s race for prime customers – in a time when companies were chasing sub-prime clientele. He had a counter-cyclical approach searching for the premium brand position for Barclay which resulted in a strong uplift in the brand and the company’s margins.

Second is his innovation in the next generation market. He was a key team player in the creation of a detailed list of cards and payments, accomplishing such through a deal with the UK transportation transit card. A leader in market changing initiatives, Keith uses fact based analytics to work counter-cyclical to the industry standards. With a strong understanding of the overall market and data, he is able to capture the bigger picture, break down the given data into smaller, more comprehensible detail, and interpret them and implement appropriate strategies, thus achieving a much stronger and innovative impact on the organization.